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Cisco Systems

Two international players, Cisco Systems and T-Systems, have one goal: to give their customers state-of-the-art networks with integrated services.
Cisco Systems, the world leader in networking systems for the Internet, is a key partner for T-Systems. Together, we ensure your ICT infrastructures continue to become more powerful and more reliable.
From plug-and-play WLANs (wireless local area networks); to security packages for mid-size companies; to more complex solutions, such as multi-channel banking: T-Systems’ expertise in network infrastructures and systems integration, combined with Cisco System’s cutting-edge technology, will guarantee you competitive advantage.

Joint development – joint marketing

T-Systems and Cisco Systems collaborate closely in a number of areas. We have, for example, worked hand in hand to drive development in e-health and radio frequency identification (RFID). What’s more, for the first time, Cisco Systems has entrusted the co-branding of one of its products (Octopus CME) to a partner – T-Systems.

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