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Is your knowledge transfer limited to the water cooler?

If you can play together, you can work together.

We bring you closer to your customers


90 percent of all CIOs believe collaboration is key to competitive advantage
Global market transparency, new consumer and employee expectations, ever shorter innovation cycles – as a result of these and other challenges, companies need to develop and deploy new, improved forms of internal and external collaboration.

Anywhere, real-time information exchange

The digital native generation is accustomed to a seamless, real-time exchange of information. The business world, too, is recognizing that corporate wikis, blogs and unified communications are powerful tools for better utilizing and disseminating knowledge. Moreover, global teamwork both within and beyond organizational boundaries is ever-more important, and ever-more widespread.

Beyond the enterprise

Today’s enterprises are becoming increasingly porous, and are looking to intensify interaction with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders – and to develop forms of collaboration that transcend the constraints of time, role and hierarchy. Seamlessly integrated, extended-enterprise ICT platforms will, for example, enable customers to contribute to the role of developers and suppliers.


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