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Dynamic Net-Centric Sourcing

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Dynamic Net-Centric Sourcing

The cloud computing market will be worth 55.5 billion US dollars by 2014.
The Internet has radically altered the way we do business, and the way we work – across all sectors, from the auto industry, to financial services, to logistics. In the future, it will not just be consumers who stream their music online without actually buying the CDs – businesses, too, will stream applications from the cloud, without purchasing the software outright.

Utility pricing

The scalable delivery of resources in line with fluctuating business needs, in conjunction with pay-per-use pricing, transforms CapEx into OpEx. T-Systems addresses this trend with Dynamic Net-Centric Sourcing.

Flexibility combined with investment protection

IT services that can be ramped up and down in accordance with changing demand create the flexibility and speed companies crave in today’s fiercely contested global marketplace. Cloud computing means greater agility and much reduced investment risk when exploring new business ideas. At the same time, certain processes require robust security and a focus on sustainability.

Real-world examples

It’s now time to begin working with the cloud for real.

Thomas Lünendonk It’s now time to begin working with the cloud for real.
Interview with analyst Thomas Lünendonk.

Cloud solutions for the energy industry

Smartphone steuert Heizung Cloud solutions for the energy industry
Deutsche Telekom is offering the energy industry a complete package of Internet-based, leased software.

Reducing heating costs with the cloud

Cloud-Lösungen in der Energiewirtschaft Reducing heating costs with the cloud
T-Systems receives the “Country Partner of the Year” award.

Pharmacy in the cloud

Apotheke in der Wolke Pharmacy in the cloud
A prescription for cloud computing. A T-Systems solution helps a local pharmacy in Zurich deliver several tons of medications each day.


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