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By teaming up, T-Systems and EMC help companies of all sizes keep their constantly increasing flood of data safely under control.
EMC, a leading specialist for comprehensive information management and storage solutions, is one of T-Systems’ key partners. Together we develop integrated solutions and services for optimal information lifecycle management.
One example of our successful collaboration is Archival, the process-oriented back-end platform for data archiving that conforms with legal and regulatory requirements. T-Systems has already taken this joint solution based on the EMC Centera storage system and developed it a step further - into the "Datentresor" service which allows you to archive business data in conformance with regulatory requirements, no matter the application that generates it, e.g. mail systems, Office applications or SAP.

New market potential for both partners

Two market leaders bundling their strengths – for their customers’ benefit. EMC² extends its range with networks and computer center services. In exchange, T-Systems grows stronger than ever on the global storage solutions market.
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