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Technology partnership between Intel and T-Systems focusing on energy-efficient ICT solutions.
Today, users expect more of modern technology than just performance. Intel and T-Systems are therefore focusing on topics such as future-oriented business models and energy efficiency for users and customers. Based on this, Intel and T-Systems' common goal is to develop future-oriented ICT solutions that are highly energy efficient, save costs and enable new ICT services. In accordance with the open-source principle, the results of the joint effort will be published and can be accessed by anyone who is interested. Customers can look forward to advanced solutions that meet the technical, commercial and lifestyle demands of tomorrow.
Intel and T-Systems' strategic partnership has an ambitious goal: Both companies are working together on solutions that enable customers to use the latest flexible solutions as well as cut operational costs and their IT energy consumption. Among other solutions, the companies are focusing on developing the data center of the future. Based on innovative Intel architecture and T-Systems' extensive solution expertise, new PC workstation concepts and the topics of healthcare and education are on the agenda as well.


At the core of the partnership are essential questions regarding the use of technology today and in the near future. The companies will therefore make the results of their collaboration and any recommendations for action available to everyone. Intel and T-Systems are hoping to accelerate innovation speed throughout the entire IT industry. This is a win-win-win situation for users, the industry and both partners.
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