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Wolfgang Messidat
Wolfgang Messidat
Vice President Analyst Relations
About T-Systems

Professional service for analysts

The T-Systems analyst relations team provides industry and technology analysts with current information for their market research activities. They also schedule meetings with ICT experts.
The analyst relations team provides data, figures and facts about
Do you have any questions or suggestions? T-Systems' Analyst Relations Team looks forward to hearing from you – just give us a call or send us an e-mail.

Vice President – Wolfgang Messidat

Irene BuchholzAssistance
Andreas BurauIT Services Cloud (incl. AO4SAP, Hosting)
Jürgen JenterIP-VPN, Deutsche Telekom AG
Yvonne KauppBig Data
Andreas MaurerStrategy, Security, SAP
Simon HunnMobile
Annette Müller-StellermannManaged Workplace Services, Collaboration

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