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The T-Systems Core Beliefs

Cut costs and generate growth – the pressure to meet these twin goals is greater than ever.
Companies must reconcile the constraints of rigid cost structures with the relentless pressure to innovate. CIOs and other IT decision-makers need to assess and selectively apply new technologies at ever-greater speed. They have to get to grips with the new imperatives of a Web 2.0 world, and recruit and retain the sharpest minds in the digital native generation. And they need to support new forms of collaboration, make their IT leaner and greener, and mobile-enable their workforce.
Against this background, T-Systems has identified five “Core Beliefs”, based on the megatrends that will shape the future of our economy and society. Across all five areas, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) will play a pivotal part in resolving the challenges faced by both businesses and public-sector organizations.
Dnamic Net-Centric SourcingDynamic Net-Centric Sourcing
According to analysts at IDC, cloud computing will account for 10 percent of global IT spending in 2013. In other words, companies will leverage computing resources delivered via the Internet and other networks, instead of implementing in-house ICT hardware and software.
Flexible communication and collaboration have always been important. Now, they are vital. Smart ICT solutions enable secure, efficient teamwork both within and beyond the enterprise, for example with suppliers, partners and customers.
Mobile-EnterpriseMobile Enterprise
Today’s business professionals expect to have access to CRM and other enterprise systems via their handhelds and laptops. These applications need to be mobile-enabled and centrally managed.
Security&GovernanceSecurity & Governance
Every year, industrial espionage costs the German economy at least 20 billion euros. Role-based security mechanisms protect sensitive business data against unauthorized access.
Sustainability & Corporate ResponsibilitySustainability & Corporate Responsibility
The cost of commodities and energy continues to soar. Business sustainability is therefore not simply a noble aim, but an economic imperative.
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