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T-Systems is the first certified provider in Germany of VMware vCloud Data Center Services. This is a feather in the cap of the long-standing, systematic cooperation between VMware and T-Systems.
As a VMware vCloud Data Center Services partner, T-Systems is the first ICT service provider in Germany – and only one of two in Europe – to offer its customers a special cloud-based solution. Companies that have virtualized their IT infrastructure with VMware technology can now expand their capacities easily into the T-Systems cloud infrastructure. This has several advantages: Customers protect their investments while simultaneously benefiting from cloud computing. If in-house capacities for temporary projects do not suffice, or if a company needs short-term data computing capacities, then they can obtain these capacities as a cloud solution with identical VMware technology.

Cloud computing platform

This offer bundles the know-how of two market drivers: VMware as a worldwide leading provider of virtualization solutions and T-Systems (which Experton named a market leader in 2012 in a cloud vendor benchmark) as a pioneer in the cloud market. The solution is also the manifestation of intensive, close cooperation between T-Systems and VMware, which could now be expanded into a strategic partnership. When T-Systems became the first provider to make a concrete cloud offer to customers in 2005, VMware was already on board as a technical partner. The idea to offer customer business applications based on need arose over the course of the increasing virtualization of IT systems. At that time VMware was already among the worldwide leading providers in the area of virtualization and cloud infrastructures. Today VMware technology is an important component of T-Systems’ cloud computing platform, which forms the basis of the ICT service provider’s unique cloud computing portfolio.

Alliance partner and global system integrator

The excellent cooperation between T-Systems and VMware specialists was expanded in recent years. VMware has become one of T-Systems’ few alliance partners, and vice versa T-Systems is one of the few ICT service providers that was granted global system integrator (GSI) status by VMware. The partners cultivate this special status by VMware training and certifying T-Systems employees in the use of VMware virtualization solutions.

VMware as a part of the T-Systems solutions offer

The close partnership is also cultivated in the Business Development area, in sales cooperation as well as in special solutions that T-Systems offers its customers based on VMware technologies. This includes portfolio solutions such as Application Management & Modernization (AMM), Cloud Readiness Services (CRS) and Hosting Services Managed Server. In June 2012, both partners proposed a new solution with the vCloud Data Center Services, with which customers can seamlessly migrate their own, VMware-based technology IT landscape to T-Systems’ private cloud – at the press of a button, to some extent.
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