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Staff integration: Change as an opportunity

Some IT specialists who are outsourced to T-Systems feel at first that this is a bad career move. Yet exactly the reverse is often the case: The transfer to T-Systems offers new professional prospects.
“Previously I was a cost factor in the IT department. At T-Systems, IT services is the core business,” says Georg Kern, who was an IT specialist at Westdeutsche Landesbank (WestLB) before his transfer. "That gives me and my work a very different feeling of being valued and I can make a quite different contribution to the success of my company than before.”
Many IT experts have similar feelings to those of Georg Kern when they switch to T-Systems in the course of an outsourcing project or a takeover: after initial hesitation, enthusiasm for the new situation grows. Because frequently the IT departments at an ICT service provider such as T-Systems are more varied than at their previous employer and, accordingly, there is more potential for development.

Development opportunities after the staff transfer

To make best use of this potential, the new employees are given further intensive support after the staff transfer. Depending on their individual skills and interests, we show them development opportunities and new areas of work using workshops, mentor programs and/or portfolio training sessions. Further attractive features are an international HR development concept, dedicated training centers and T-Systems' multi-faceted CAMPUS program.

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