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A new anonymization method by Motionlogic makes it possible to use highly anonymized cell phone data from Deutsche Telekom customers for analyses of traffic flows. Privacy-compliant analysis of cell phone data


At this year's CeBIT, Telekom and Motionlogic show how anonymized data from cell phone customers can be used for traffic planning.
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Distributed devices can be controlled and steered remotely through the M2M portal by T-Systems. This reduces maintenance costs and optimizes production capacity utilization. M2M solution: remote control and maintenance of machines


Control and maintain machines and devices at globally distributed production sites through the cloud.
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The partnership between T-Systems and Salesforce is generating first results: The  automotive platform Customer Experience Management (CEM), car dealers can offer information at the point of sale. Individual service for automotive customers thanks to T-Systems and Salesforce


The first T-Systems and Salesforce partner solution: A business app to build automotive customer loyalty.
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T-Systems at Facebook

The internet of things: convenience at a price

In the first of our series on the IoT we take a look at connected devices that are available today, the privacy and security issues of using them –...

Hacking Back: Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right

Here's the critical issue: Do you want to risk engaging your company in an ego-fueled war of revenge, or do you want to cut the bad guys off at the...

Big data collection makes it hard for you to remain anonymous

One of the challenges of Big Data collection is maintaining personal privacy. One way to do that is with 'de-identification' - eliminating personally...

The brilliant disruptive potential of IoT

The internet of things (IoT) as a ‘collective & strategic’ term has caught the interest of the enterprise and the consumer alike.

The programs with the most security vulnerabilities in 2014 were not the ones...

Google Chrome, Oracle Solaris and Gentoo Linux all beat Microsoft's Internet Explorer in having the most vulnerabilities last year, according to...

Think big data is too big for SMEs? Barcelona's out to prove you wrong | ZDNet

Cross-checking payment details with particular Twitter hashtags to work out the economic impact of an FC Barcelona match in a given area. Analyzing...

How cloud is changing the role of IT

The modern leaders of IT departments are thought leaders. Cloud technology has given CIOs, CTOs and IT managers a tool set that once seemed...

How web services became cloud magic, then turned real again | ZDNet

"Servitization" is the ugly buzzword. It means turning your business into a suite of services that you provide, rather than a catalogue of products...

Why The Internet Of Things Heralds The Next Great Economic Disruption

“We are beginning to see the long end game for one of the great economic periods in history,” Rifkin said, noting that the second industrial...

T-Systems at Twitter

The internet of things, convenience at what price @guardian: #IoT

Hacking back: Two wrongs don’t make a right @DarkReading: #security

Big data collection makes it hard for you to remain anonymous @ITworld:

The brilliant disruptive potential of the Internet of Things @itproportal:...

The programs with the most security vulnerabilities in 2014 were not the ones you think @ZDNet:...

Think big data is too big for you? Barcelona's out to prove you wrong @ZDNet:...

The New Face of IT: How the #cloud is changing the role of IT @itproportal:

British cybersecurity fears ‘crypto-apocalypse’ @cbronline: #security

How web services became #cloud magic, then turned real again @ZDNet:

Why the Internet of Things heralds the next great economic disruption @forbes:...

Cloud Brokerage

Whitepaper Cloud Brokerage
Multi-cloud strategies made easy
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September 13, 2013 Solutions

"Cloud Partner of the Year" – T-Systems honored by Cisco

"Cloud Partner of the Year"

T-Systems is Cisco's first choice for cloud partner.

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