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The perfect ICT partner for banks

The banking industry is in transition. To ensure future success, financial services players need managed ICT systems that allow them to focus on core processes.
An IDC study revealed that German banks are responsible for around 12 percent of the country’s capital expenditure on IT. But the economic crisis, ever more intense competition and an increase in regulatory controls have ratcheted up the pressure. Banks need to cut costs and automate their processes. Customers are less loyal and more demanding than ever. They move their money to the bank offering the best terms, and regularly switch providers. Moreover, the demand for easy-to-understand, safe financial products squeezes margins.
Virtualization of IT processes and application delivery via the cloud are attractive alternatives to expensive, time-consuming in-house operations. What’s more, banks benefit from scalable resources, lower IT costs and freedom to focus on core tasks. They can turn their attention to new challenges and opportunities – because banks need to offer attractive products and improved services to minimize customer churn and increase profitability.

Expanded service offering and better business intelligence

With powerful one-stop ICT solutions, T-Systems is the perfect partner – from maintenance and enhancement of applications, to outsourcing of data centers operations. Financial services companies benefit from digital sales and customer-service channels, including Internet portals and apps for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. What’s more, banks gain improved visibility into client behavior. Customer interaction management software supports in-depth data analysis, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems enable personalized communications. T-Systems combines technology skills with an in-depth knowledge of the industry. That’s why the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary is an established ICT partner to all major German banks.

Challenges for financial institutions

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