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Peer Baumann
Peer Baumann
Marketing Public Sector & Healthcare

Efficient e-government solutions

Modernizing the public sector is a priority at the EU, national and local levels. T-Systems ICT solutions support government agencies in this aim – helping them maximize resources and achieve real results.
Streamline processes, cut costs, provide high-quality services to citizens – the demands on the public sector are greater than ever. To help government agencies rise to these challenges, T-Systems offers an end-to-end ICT portfolio tailored precisely to their needs, including state-of-the-art communications technology and innovative, one-stop e-government solutions. At the national level, customers can implement highly secure networks, select IT packages tailored to public sector processes, and access support for strategic e-government initiatives and security programs. At the local level, too, T-Systems’ comprehensive offering addresses a host of needs – whether customers wish to implement a regional network, launch an Internet portal or hotline, enhance processes or improve HR management. T-Systems solutions also extend to digital case management systems, as well as support for implementing the European Services Directive, and introducing a single contact number for all government agencies.

Applying accounting methods proven in the private sector

T-Systems carefully tailors its solutions to the real-world needs of government agencies. For example, the ICT experts have introduced an SAP system in the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia to support double-entry bookkeeping as part of the major EPOS.NRW project.
Digital records make processes faster and more user-friendly, while enhancing transparency and cost-efficiency. T-Systems’ expertise in this area has been proven across a wide range of projects – particularly when it comes to providing electronic support for government agency processes, and the integration of back-end systems such as SAP.
Further success stories include creating Internet portals for government agencies, implementing highly secure networks and designing a host of other IT solutions geared to public-sector imperatives. Plus, T-Systems offers support for implementing the European Services Directive and introducing a single contact number for government agencies. With the help of the ICT experts, the German Federal Employment Agency (BfA) enhanced its IT processes – so much so that the quality of problem identification and resolution is now on par with private sector levels.

How do T-Systems E-Government solutions support European, national and local government agencies?

German federal government agencies

  • Support for initiatives of nationwide importance – such as implementation of the European Services Directive, introduction of a single contact number for all government agencies and establishment of the DeMail secure and legally binding communication solution
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Local government agencies

Implementation and integration of digital public service processes

For public sector ICT providers


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