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Product Lifecycle Management
PLM: a key strategic element

Product lifecycle management provides effective support for complex products throughout their entire lifecycles – from the initial idea, to production, to end-of-life.
PLM solutions consolidate and control the data and processes associated with product development, design, and manufacturing. It commences with the very first product idea and continues with the digitization and evaluation of the basic design concept. Then the product is rendered in 3D using CAD systems, and product structures are created. Manufacturing feasibility is continuously evaluated, simulated and analyzed throughout all design work. Moreover, consideration is given to the availability and best possible utilization of production resources.
Development engineers, component suppliers and OEMs employ a variety of IT systems to perform their product-related tasks. To ensure these heterogeneous platforms interoperate smoothly, T-Systems provides expert integration services. The Deutsche Telekom subsidiary offers comprehensive consulting in this space. It also supports all aspects of PLM projects, from planning, to go-live, to continuous operations and further enhancement.

Support across the entire product lifecycle, and around the globe

T-Systems understands that PLM is a holistic management methodology with the product at its focus. A PLM solution, therefore, must comprise components for streamlining product data management (PDM) to ensure consistent and reliable product information. Development engineers, component manufacturers and OEMs work hand-in-hand, sharing product-related information in real-time. For example, as soon as a product’s design is modified, new product-related data becomes available to all stakeholders. This is just one example of how an efficient information exchange can accelerate production and development. Today, vehicles are designed and manufactured by means of complex international value grids. This calls for collaboration platforms that support joint development and production.

How do Product Lifecycle Management solutions benefit my business?

Business growth


According to various studies, the deployment of digital processes in R&D and production planning can generate the following savings (source: CIMData):




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