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Road Charging & Telematics
Satellite-based tolling systems

Modern technologies enable usage-based and efficient road charging systems without the need for traditional road side infrastructures. The European Commission is promoting the European Electronic Toll Service as a universal and interoperable standard for road charging.
Within the scope of the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS), countries in Europe have complete freedom of choice when it comes to selecting road toll technology. However, the tolling systems must be compatible with EETS. Thus an on-board unit from a registered EETS provider installed in a passenger car or truck can be used when recording road charges in any and all tolling systems in the European network. Unlike vignette solutions, electronic tolling systems based on satellite and wireless technologies support usage-based road charging. Moreover – in contrast to beacon systems – toll object detection and recording processes can be performed virtually, without the need to install or expand infrastructures along roads.    

Complete satellite-based solutions for tolling systems

T-Systems Satellic Telematic Services offers complete satellite-based solutions for tolling systems that are compatible with EETS. This is substantiated by the fact that T-Systems was among the key participants in the European project known as Road Charging Interoperability (RCI). The Satellic Tolling Platform is a modular tolling system that is easily integrated in existing IT systems. Thus Toll Service Providers (TSPs) who use existing systems can comply with EETS standards at low cost and with less complexity.

On-board unit (OBU) safeguards personal data

The modules in the Satellic Telematic Platform automatically collect road-usage data and calculate tolls. The on-board-unit (OBU) complies with data privacy regulations because it only transmits data that is relevant for the calculation and billing of road tolls. Information about travel routes, specific locations and similar details remain stored in the OBU. Some of the components in the tolling platform are also available through Tolling as a Service (TaaS), which is based on cloud computing.

Satellic Telematic Services are compatible with the European Electronic Toll Service

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