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Telco Billing
Integrated billing solutions

Telcos need to crunch huge amounts of data for billing – quickly and accurately. T-Systems provides a complete range of services, from consulting, to integration and implementation, to outsourcing.
In Germany, many people access the Web via high-bandwidth landlines. And there are well over 100 million active cell phones. On average, these devices send more than 1,000 text messages per second. What’s more, mobile Internet is booming. These activities generate vast amounts of data in IT systems. Telcos need to accurately capture data on all events – text and multimedia messages, phone calls, emails, Internet access and other services – and calculate charges to the second or cent, according to the applicable tariff. And they must ensure compliance with all data protection legislation. This task is becoming ever more complex, in part because of tougher competition and stricter regulation. High quality, reliable billing is critical to customer satisfaction and efficiency is vital to profitability. Integrated invoicing processes play a central role in the order-to-cash cycle – not just for the mass consumer market but for business customers, too – for example, with interconnect and wholesale billing.

Comprehensive answers to your needs

T-Systems offers end-to-end answers to billing needs – from consulting, to design, to implementation of tailor-made solutions. And the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary can manage the entire complex process, too – leaving customers free to focus on core tasks. Solutions are based on technology from leading vendors. And services are provided by experts at dedicated centers of competency in line with best practices. Where required, customers can outsource the entire billing process to T-Systems – and significantly cut their ICT costs. Resources are delivered on a pay-per-use basis, and there’s no need to invest in in-house infrastructure designed for peak load.

Scope of T-Systems’ billing solutions

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