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Telco Business & Operations Support Systems
Managing business and customer processes

Telcos supply their products to customers with a combination of Business Support Systems (BSS) and Operation Support Systems (OSS) to support all customer and back office processes.
The products and services that telcos provide consist of a large number of components that millions of customers want to use simultaneously and in high quality. A DSL connection, a cell phone call from abroad, or Internet TV involves many individual services that providers must co-ordinate and manage. Growing numbers of products and requirements – along with ever shorter provisioning times – make service processes increasingly complex. That is why  telcos rely on Business Support Systems (BSS) and Operation Support Systems (OSS) to keep all business processes running smoothly in the background and to manage customer relationships.
In a largely saturated and fiercely contested telecommunications market, good customer relationships are extremely important. Good customer service is impossible to provide without industry-specific customer relationship management systems. Customer relationship management (CRM) assists companies with marketing, sales, and service. Business intelligence/ enterprise information management (BI/EIM) solutions manage customer and usage data optimally and securely. T-Systems assists providers by supplying CRM systems and portal and BI/EIM solutions.

Back office and network management solutions for production and operation

T-Systems provides cross-service OS systems that employees from areas such as network and systems planning or service management can access, thereby supporting a fast time to market. The OSS links all of the processes, systems and departments involved on a standardized basis to enable the telco to respond swiftly and efficiently to new customer wishes. With a system of this kind the entire process – from planning via provisioning to troubleshooting – can be handled on one platform, thereby optimizing operating costs. Centralized monitoring is available to ensure a high quality level.

How do Telco Business & Operations Support Systems benefit my business?

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T-Systems uses and integrates solutions based on all leading standard technologies and products:


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