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Telco Networks, Products & Services
Integrate networks, develop products

IP technology enables the replacement of existing heterogeneous networks. That provides opportunities for harmonization and integration, reduces operating costs and accelerates the time to market of new products and services.
The telecommunications industry is in the middle of a paradigm shift. Previously separate and specialized transmission networks are merging into a uniform universal network. It carries any combination of voice, data and video signals across the network. The technical basis for this homogeneous network is technologies such as Internet Protocol (IP). Next Generation Networks (NGN) are changing value chains and the competitive situation in the telecommunications industry. For companies from other industries the new all-IP networks open up totally new opportunities to offer their services and applications globally via the Internet, using innovative business models. Apps — mini-programs distributed over the net and put to mobile use on smartphones or tablet PCs — are a case in point. Conversely, telcos are taking their products into areas that were previously the preserve of other specialists. Examples include Internet TV, music downloads, event services, and personalized services or movies.

Designing networks and developing new services/products for IP networks

T-Systems provides applications and services that enable telcos to harmonize and integrate their networks. Its network development services concentrate on consulting for networks, network control and network-related processes. Network experts design landline, mobile, and broadband cable networks for architecture, functionality, capacity, geographic coverage and operation, including commercial optimization. As an ICT service provider T-Systems also specifies and realizes telecommunications products for carriers and Internet service providers in the form of platform-based solutions, including product-configuring systems. Typical telecommunication products are IP-based online services, Voice over IP, and Internet television (IPTV). Data protection and data security are an integral part of T-Systems solutions.


How do Telco Networks, Products & Services benefit my business?

Business growth


Migration to an end-to-end and homogeneous infrastructure reduces network operators’ infrastructure and operating costs
Switching to All-IP means


T-Systems uses and integrates standard products and standard technology such as:



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