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Managing business and customer processes

The telecommunications industry is changing rapidly. Voice and data networks are converging, customers are demanding faster and faster broadband connections, and competition is more cut-throat than ever.
Almost no other industry faces such (increasingly) tough challenges as telecommunications. The margins for landline and cell-phone networks are shrinking. New companies with other core focuses are muscling in on the market and making competition fierce. And consumer behavior is changing ever more rapidly. Greater financial pressure is forcing enterprises to make their business processes more cost efficient. The rapid development of new technologies is obligating vendors to invest more heavily in innovation. And the exponential growth in the volume of data is forcing providers to pour money into their networks.

High investment in broadband networks

The German Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (BITKOM) estimates that between 30 and 40 billion euros will be spent on establishing high-speed networks in the coming years. By 2014, 75 percent of households will have a connection with a minimum transmission rate of 50 Mbit/s. The boom in mobile Internet applications has triggered an increase in data traffic on cell-phone networks. To manage this growth, eight to ten billion euros are being invested in developing the new LTE transmission technology alone.

End-to-end services for telecommunications

What strategy should telcos adopt to secure success and growth in the years to come? How can they improve their day-to-day operations? One trend is greater collaboration with external partners for the development of innovative products and services. More and more telcos are concentrating on their core business and taking advantage of business and operational support systems from providers such as T-Systems. And customer loyalty and satisfaction are becoming increasingly important for established businesses. With extensive expertise in ICT and networks, T-Systems is the perfect partner for the telecommunications industry.
Solutions for network operators and carriers
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