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Thomas Latzel
Thomas Latzel
Marketing Travel, Transport & Logistics

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Travel, transport & logistic solutions
Actively manage traffic and transport

Companies in the logistics and transport industry need to optimize their processes and costs and conduct business sustainably. T-Systems helps them do this with process, systems integration and cloud expertise all bundled into three core solutions.

Toll collection from the cloud

Our Road Charging & Telematics Solutions are satellite-supported, end-to-end solutions for toll collection. The flexible toll platform makes it easy to quickly implement country-specific, differentiated pricing systems. Our business models keep the operator's initial investment in a toll system to a minimum.

Manage airport terminals from a single source

With Airport Management Solutions, T-Systems provides standardized, end-to-end solutions for core processes at airports, both for terminal operations as well as ground handling. Using the solution as a service with usage-based billing gives you a high degree of flexibility when it comes to managing drops in business or taking advantage of new opportunities.

Transport control systems and passenger info

Public transportation is comprised of three specific core processes: transport operation, ticketing and revenue distribution as well as additional customer services. Rail & Transportation Solutions by T-Systems tackle the challenges faced by transportation providers in all three core areas with computer-supported transport control systems (ITCS), dynamic passenger information, ticketing and revenue distribution as well as a solution for "Internet on the train."
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