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Welfare & non-profit organizations
ICT for the not-for-profit sector

The unique needs of not-for-profit organizations mean one-size-fits-all ICT is not an option. T-Systems provides secure, high-performance ICT solutions tailored specifically to this sector.
In the not-for-profit sector, the only constant is change. And this means significant challenges for operational and administrative personnel. But help is at hand: T-Systems offers made-to-measure ICT services that support the important work of care facilities, hospitals, church organizations and other not-for-profit groups. State-of-the-art technology, for example, allows elderly people to lead more independent lives. A digital revolution is underway in social care, too, with a growing number of made-to-measure solutions available – such as mobile monitoring and analysis systems. What’s more, ICT has the potential to drive efficiencies in care planning and management.

Voice and data solutions in line with your needs

Until recently, stand-alone solutions were the norm in the not-for-profit sector. Now, however, the focus is on implementing centralized solutions, particularly for ICT, and outsourcing non-core tasks. T-Systems can provide made-to-measure intranet portals – where users can easily select the voice and data communication products and services they need. Plus, customers can access a variety of applications that can be activated and deactivated at short notice. The offering supports data protection, and includes up-to-the-minute security. Software is operated in T-Systems’ highly secure data centers.

How do T-Systems solutions support Welfare & non-profit organizations?

Church organizations

Charities and social-care organizations

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