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Best Practice 3-2014: Data protection and and the digital economy do not have to be mutally exclusive | T-Systems
Data protection and the digital economy
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Tatjana Geierhaas
Tatjana Geierhaas
Editorial Staff Best Practice
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Big data and privacy issues are two sides of the same coin: transparency towards the end consumer is a must and the anonymisation of personal data needs to be part of big data technologies. When it comes to big data analytics, privacy issues must have highest priority

Issue 03/2014

New perspectives.

Technology moves fast. But the market’s and
customer’s readiness to embrace emerging trends often lags behind. Shaking off old-school black-and-white thinking can help speed things up. As can mutual understanding. Gaining acceptance for the analysis of mobile communications data could well become the acid test – for businesses, society, and every one of us.
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With new IT partners such as Allianz, Cisco or SAP, T-Systems progresses innovative solutions and technology and thereby gets ready for the digital economy. IT partners are an important part of the transformation strategy of T-Systems

Issue 03/2014

New partners and services.

Reinhard Clemens talks about the importance of trust when choosing new partners and developing new services.
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The applications of Mobile Location Analytics in companies are diverse: from traffic and urban planning through healthcare to customer analytics in retail and marketing. Mobile Location Analytics offers new opportunities for business intelligence

Issue 03/2014

The customer is king.

BARC founder and CEO Dr. Carsten Bange
on the maturity of the market for mobile location
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Big data trends 2014: recent research on the reasons for big data and the usage of smart analytics technologies in different departments and industries The big data trends 2014 e. g. personalized recommondations are revealed in the trendmonitor

Issue 03/2014

The data flood.

Smart analytics systems trawl through
enterprises’ endless flows of collected data,
gleaning insightful knowledge from big data.
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New partners and services.

Analyze IT

The customer is king.


The data flood.



Interview: Constantin Kontargyris, Group CIO of TÜV Rheinland on digitization, the development of innovative business models and new security requirements

Digital zero distance.

Constantin Kontargyris, Group CIO at certification and inspection player TÜV Rheinland, on the appeal of big data, and how digitization is paving the way for new customer-centric business models.


Finding strategic business partnerships is an essential part of T-Systems’ strategy to meet new requirements of the digital economy and develop innovative technology.

Transforming together.

The best ideas are born through teamwork – also when it comes to digitizing business models. This is why T-Systems is partnering with Allianz, Cisco, SAP and Salesforce.

Guest book

In the context of Big Data Data, the law for data protection and IT becomes a huge challenge, explains Dr. Jürgen Hartung, one of the leading IT-laywers, in the interview.

Can, should, must.

IT lawyer Dr. Jürgen Hartung explains what organizations are legally allowed to do with data. And underlines why, in some cases, it’s wiser to err on the side of caution.


The Internet celebrates its 25th anniversary. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the WWW, now has called for an online Magna Carta to protect the rights of all Internet users.

The web father.

According to WWW founder Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the Internet’s freedom to develop has never been so restricted. The Briton is calling for a Magna Carta to protect net users around the world.

Consumer power online

Consumer power in the internet is constantly growing. This development does not only offer new possibilities to communicate, but also makes companies more vulnerable.

The mighty crowd.

The Internet is a powerful tool for consumers to make their voices heard. And businesses need to act fast if they don’t want to get caught out.


Wearables are a business trend, whether headset computers, data glasses or smartwatch. But how can the new technology and devices improve processes and create new value?

IT to go.

Wristband, eyewear or headgear – wearable technology offers a host of business opportunities. But before it delivers real benefits, it must first be integrated into our daily lives.

Best Practices


The Security Operations Center by Allianz and T-Systems is an end-to-end concept and offers IT security solutions for the prevention of risks as well as cyber defense.

Security Operations Center.

Hand in hand with the insurer, T-Systems develops holistic concepts and products to mitigate security risks and fend off cyber attacks.


Energy company E.ON provides an IT-Self-Service. Thereby, the staff can manage the allocation of virtual desktops based on the solution Dynamic Workplace by T-Systems.

Dynamic workplace.

The energy giant is piloting desktop virtualization from the cloud for its external consultants and call center agents across the globe.


The Austrian insurance Vienna Insurance Group (VIG) draws its SAP and non-SAP systems from the cloud data center hosted by T-Systems Austria in Vienna.

IT-led expansion.

A private cloud solution is driving growth for Vienna Insurance Group, delivering high availability, cost transparency, and maximum flexibility for the company’s SAP landscape.

Public safety

26 IT command and control centers in Bavaria keep a safe and reliable radio contact with fire departments and rescue workers  via Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A helping hand.

Should one of the Bavarian first responder control centers go offline unexpectedly, T-Systems’ emergency call management service springs into action, handling all incoming calls via an encrypted VPN.


News about new IT projects and solutions around topics like IT security, big data and mobile applications et cetera.


Read the latest news from around the world.


Issue 03/2014

With a redistribution revolution in the form of a micropayment system, Jaron Lanier wants to give people back control over their own data.

Redistributing data.

According to Jaron Lanier, the internet is robbing us of our data – and it’s our own fault. Lanier is a pioneer of the digital world fighting to uphold the value of online data.

Issue 03/2014

Scio is the first molecular scanner designed for daily use. It scans for instance the chemical makeup of medicine.

Hand-held molecular scanner.

Scio is the first molecular scanner designed for day-today use. It scans the chemical makeup of an object and sends the results to your smartphone, in real time.

Issue 03/2014

Google is sending gas filled balloons into the stratosphere to form a ring around the globe (Project Loon) in order to provide the rest of the world with access to the internet.

WiFi in the sky.

They transport internet connections. Hovering at an altitude of 20 km, the Google balloons are set to form a ring around the globe, bringing internet access to remote regions.
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