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Wirtschaftswunder 4.0  – Digitization made in Germany
Wirtschaftswunder 4.0
Digitization made in Germany
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Tatjana Geierhaas
Tatjana Geierhaas
Editorial Staff Best Practice
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Digitization in Germany: companies gear up for the future of the economy. The digitization in Germany needs to catch up – with high quality IT.

Issue 01/2015

We are hen deguo.

The ‘made in Germany’ label enjoys
worldwide renown, particularly in the
Far East and the USA. But it is these
very markets that have overtaken
Germany in the digital stakes.
As digitization expands into
engineering and manufacturing,
we need to catch up.
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T-Systems drives forward a digitization made in Germany ensuring an end-to-end IT transformation within companies. Digitization made in Germany: the way to a new economic miracle.

Issue 01/2015

Digitization made in Germany

Experts believe that if businesses leverage cloud, mobility and analytics solutions to transform their IT infrastructure, Germany could soon experience a Wirtschaftswunder 4.0, a new digital economic miracle.
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Future-orientated IT made in Germany guarantees high quality of IT products and effective IT security. IT made in Germany stands for quality, also from a global point of view.

Issue 01/2015

Promising Outlook

According to Christophe Chalôns, Chief Analyst at
Pierre Audoin Consultants, the service industry in the
USA is a prime example of how digital technology can
transform entire sectors. But Germany’s
chance to shine will come.
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CIO Elisabeth Hoeflich (Continental Group) and Heinz Egeler (T-Systems) agree: Appropriate IT solutions can be developed, when both partners collaborate. Continental Group has already been going digital for the past 50 years.

Issue 01/2015

Continental Group

Elisabeth Hoeflich, CIO of
Continental Group, and Heinz
Egeler, Vice President of the
Automotive Global Supplier
division of T-Systems, on
two-speed IT and digitization
over the last 50 years.
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Digitization made in Germany

Analyze IT

Promising Outlook


Continental Group



Anne Teague (CIO Heineken) and Dr. Ferri Abolhassan (Director of IT Division at T-Systems) agree: quality is a must.

Quality first.

HEINEKEN CIO Anne Teague and Dr. Ferri Abolhassan, Director of T-Systems’ IT Division, on delivery lows, steep learning curves, and the role of people in ensuring high-quality IT.


Our facts and figures on the transformation in Germany show: federal republic digitizes. But the international competitors are already one step ahead.

Market barometer.

In which industries will digitization create the most jobs? And where do businesses and politicans see its biggest potential? The answers in charts and figures.

Guest book

The digital transformation offers a lot of economic chances for companies.

Ready for digital take-off.

Dieter Schweer, member of the Executive Board at the Federation of German Industries (BDI), takes stock of digitization across German businesses.


Car of the future: Lots of manufacturers work on innovative solutions for an future-oriented mobility.

Connected Cars.

German carmakers are looking for ways to keep pace with the likes of Google and Apple by creating their own smart connectivity solutions.


Cloud-based cash and ERP systems pave the way for a gas station 2.0. This not only reduces IT costs but also helps increasing customer loyalty. | T-Systems

Gas station 2.0.

The gas stations of the future will bring operators, suppliers and customers together in a single, consolidated network.


Industrialization 4.0: Intelligent robots revolutionize manufacturing and thus fostergrowth as well as the production of smart products.

Robot co-workers.

Intelligent robots are transforming industry and bringing fully automated smart factories a step closer.


T-Labs are charactarized by creativity, a willingness to take risks and laid-back exchange.

The hottest ideas.

The Ben-Gurion University and T-Laboratories are turning the Negev desert in Israel into a hotbed of high-tech research.

Best Practices


Salesforce and T-Systems cooperate regarding the programming of business apps.

In a spirit we trust.

Starting the second half of 2015, the creator of cloud-based customer relationship management software will deliver its CRM solutions from a T-Systems data center.


The IP transformation defines the future of communication. That is why lots of companies already are changing their processes.

Unique opportunity.

The single network for all communications tasks will be available by late 2020. The new Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) offers a secure approach to complete IT transformation.


Establishing an all IP network is on the agenda of lots of companies Interview with Dr. Markus Müller, CIO of Deutsche Telekom.

All IP.

Dr. Markus Müller, CIO of Deutsche Telekom and member of the Board of Management at T-Systems on All-IP as enabler for digitization.

Deutsche Telekom Technik

Field engineers using digitalized information have a direct line to the parts warehouse and can check on the availability of a component along the way.

Mobile Services.

A tablet-based solution connects thousands of Deutsche Telekom engineers with dispatchers in real time, eliminating time-consuming documentation tasks.

Issue 01/2015

News about current projects and solutions in the fields of cyber security, zero outage, CRM and mobile healthcare.


Read the latest news from around the world.


The flipside of modern technology


The flipside of modern technology.


Issue 01/2015

The startup Researchgate founded by Ijad Madisch connects scientists from all over the world.

A noble undertaking.

For Ijad Madisch, the pursuit of scientific enlightenment is trapped in an ivory tower. His startup Researchgate aims to set it free. And he has received backing from none other than Bill Gates.

Issue 01/2015

The smart glove ProGlove is a technical masterpiece equipped with RFID components, motion tracking and sensors.

The glove that scans.

Today's factories combine high technology with manual labor. Proglove is designed to bridge the gap between the two, saving time and increasing efficiency and safty.

Issue 01/2015

Continental invented a head-up display (HUD).

Saftey in sight.

Continental's new generation of HUDs highlight hazards, distance to other cars, and lane markings. They are set to go into production in 2017.
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