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Best Practice 01-2014: the extent of digitization is a key business success factor. Organizations that don’t transform their IT, fall behind| T-Systems
Who's after whom?
Survival in the digital Darwinism.
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Tatjana Geierhaas
Tatjana Geierhaas
Manager PR & Customer Communications
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Best Practice CIO edition

Best Practice - The T-Systems customer magazine

Digital readiness: how businesses can survive in the digital age | T-Systems Digital readiness: how businesses can survive in the digital age | T-Systems

Issue 01/2014

Key to survival

Digitization is a critical factor for gaining
a competitive edge. But old and new companies
have different options when it comes to
transforming their IT.
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Digitization: businesses are entering a new era | T-Systems Digitization: businesses are entering a new era | T-Systems

Issue 01/2014

Transitioning towards digitization – together.

Companies that leverage digitization
as a competitive advantage, must also
master the associated challenges.
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Let the IT transformation begin: an interview with Dan Bieler | T-Systems Let the IT transformation begin: an interview with Dan Bieler | T-Systems

Issue 01/2014

Avoiding patchworks

According to Forrester analyst Dan Bieler,
a connected business, with all its processes
tailored to the customer, needs to transform its IT
and digitize both its frontend and backend.
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Taming the digital dragon with the right IT strategy| T-Systems Taming the digital dragon with the right IT strategy| T-Systems

Issue 01/2014

Market barometer

How to master digitization; the business objectives
that benefit the most from IT solutions;
and the industries that need to act fast –
an overview in figures.
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Transitioning towards digitization – together.

Analyze IT

Avoiding patchworks


Market barometer



Interview with Christian Pfromm: an alliance with the customer | T-Systems

Economies of scale

Christian Pfromm, CIO of BHF-Bank, on the risks of transformation, four steps from the back office to the customer and IT solutions that add value.


Suitcase transport 2.0: the luggage that travels from A to B independently | T-Systems

A step ahead

When Airbus, RIMOWA and T-Systems joined forces to create BAG2GO, their primary concern was “how can we make traveling easier for passengers?”


Reaching customers with the right social media strategy | T-Systems

Social business

According to new media expert Brian Solis, companies need an ongoing social business strategy to reach always-on consumers.


Revolutionary startups: digital business models force big players to rethink

Ones to watch

Established industry players need to watch out for smart startups that know how to leverage IT solutions to get closer to customers.


Cartoon: IT madness and the strange manifestations of digitization | T-Systems

Dematerialization madness

What does Easter have to do with digitization? And what can happen if technology leads you up the wrong alley when hunting for eggs?

IT Security

IT security

As a result of high-profile espionage scandals, IT risk management is growing in significance | T-Systems

Management task

Edward Snowden’s revelations were a wake-up call for many businesses. Top-level managers need to be made aware of the threat – so they can take sufficient action against cyber espionage.

Clean Pipe

SMB crime scene – cyber attacks affect also small- and medium-sized companies | T-Systems

The secure backdoor

Cyber criminals often attack large corporations via supplier networks that are less well protected. Clean Pipe offers these smaller companies cloud-based solutions to ward off cybercrime.


Interview with Michael Hange: a wake-up call for German businesses | T-Systems

A wake-up call for german business

Edward Snowden’s revelations made Michael Hange, President of the German Federal Office of Information Security (BSI), a sought-after advisor to businesses and government agencies.


Interview with Professor Matthew Smith: IT security should be mandatory | T-Systems

Security as a compulsory subject

IT expert for usable security and privacy Matthew Smith talks about overly complex app rights and insufficient university teaching on the subject of IT security.


Secure smartphone – no compromise with privacy policy | T-Systems

Clean cut

The latest SiMKo3 cryptocard smartphones leverage a highly secure microkernel and run two separate operating systems for business and private applications.


Partnership between BITKOM and the police – a key alliance in the fight against cybercrime | T-Systems

Strong defense

Leading German IT industry association BITKOM has teamed up with the state criminal police department of North Rhine-Westphalia to protect its members from hackers.

Best Practices


Interview with Jeremy Rifkin: the energy Internet is coming | T-Systems

Customers as suppliers

Industry visionary Jeremy Rifkin and Frank Schmidt, Head of the Energy Business Unit at Deutsche Telekom, on zero distance between suppliers and customers in the energy sector.


News on zero distance, cloud computing and big data innovations | T-Systems


Raffles Medical Group improves patient care from the cloud… Landesbank BW gets electronic credit cards… gematik healthcare card uses digital signatures...



Eye PIN: accessing applications with just a glance at the smartphone camera | T-Systems

Eye-scanning smartphones

The veins in our eyes have a unique pattern. And in the future, just one look at a smartphone camera will be sufficient to gain access to apps – with no need for PINs or passwords.


Gameboy: a nine-year-old boy is one of the world’s top app developers | T-Systems

Apple’s youngest developer

An Irish youngster who taught himself to program is now one of the world’s best-known app developers and gives presentations in Silicon Valley and New York.

Bionic Man

Bionic man: high-tech prosthetics,  developed by the wearer himself, drive sporting success | T-Systems

High-tech prosthetics

Hugh Herr was a climbing prodigy, until he lost both legs below the knee. Now the bio-physicist is a researcher at MIT and with his high-tech prosthetic limbs, he’s climbing better than ever.
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