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Digitization and transformation
What keeps CIOs awake at night?
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Tatjana Geierhaas
Tatjana Geierhaas
Editorial Staff Best Practice
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587x330 IT transformation: What keeps CIOs awake at night.

Issue 02/2015

Sleepless in Davos.

Digitization, transformation, the cloud, and security are just some of the top priorities that CIOs must address. These issues are exciting and stimulating – but can also rob them of sleep.
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Digital competence: T-Systems adapts its portfolio to future challenges within the IT sector and relies on its longstanding transformation know-how. T-Systems further expands its digital competence.

Issue 02/2015

IT headaches? No Thanks!

According to a study by Brocade, approximately 38 percent of Germany’s IT bosses fear that they might lose their infl uence at C-level. This is just one of the many issues bothering the country’s CIOs.
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Lutz Peichert considers: It is up to the CIO to have an eye on strategy and the added value, when it comes to digitization. Interview with Lutz Peichert: CIOs need to act as enabler

Issue 02/2015

Quality is the deciding factor.

According to Experton Executive Advisor Lutz Peichert, reliable, high-availability services are the foundations for providers to rapidly bring their innovations to market.
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587x330 METRO-CIO Silvester Macho in an interview with Best Practice

Issue 02/2015


Silvester Macho, CIO of METRO GROUP, on the transformation towards cloud technology, e-commerce vs. traditional retail, and why IT security is so important.
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IT headaches? No Thanks!

Analyze IT

Quality is the deciding factor.





Part of the incident management are not only technical aspects but also about 500 drills each year.

Quality Management.

Intensive training – how T-Systems puts its emergency procedures to the test every day, to ensure that its quality management team can resolve problems as quickly as possible.


The CIO agenda is defined by issues of digital transformation, e. g. the migration to the cloud, the modernization of systems and workplace IT or intelligent data analyses.

Market barometer.

Which strategic business challenges are CIOs facing, and which services most effectively facilitate day-to-day IT operations? The answers in facts and figures.

Use Cases

Digital transformation at Hamburg Port Authority, glass packaging manufacturer Consol and global energy group Shell

Digitized transformation.

How Shell, Consol and the Hamburg Port Authority benefit from end-to-end quality management as a result of migrating IT to the cloud.


The increasing customer requirements force food retailing to rethink their processes, but the implementation still is in the fledgling stage.

Picking up the pace.

When it comes to cloud technology, food retailers are lagging behind other industries. However, consumer-driven projects are now rapidly propelling these businesses forward.

3D print

MHOX, specialist for medial design, is leveraging 3D printing technology to develop biosynthetic eyes.

The multitalented machine.

From its humble beginnings, 3D printing is now being used for a growing number of real-world applications – from industrial manufacturing to space travel and medicine.

Guest book

Human-centered automation: designed to assist and to strenghtens the people's capabilities.


When humans and software work together – industry guru Nicholas Carr believes that mutual interaction between man and machine can provide the “best of both worlds.”


The software developed by Dr. Michael Deubzer protects automotive IT from a data crash, e. g. when having an accident.

Connencted car.

Dr. Michael Deubzer has developed software for modern road vehicles to keep in-car data on the move.


Digital news on subjects like transformation, electric mobility, cloud strategies or healthcare IT. | T-Systems


ARBÖ’s cloud-based management solution for e-vehicle charging points... Analysts praise T-Systems’ cloud strategy and more.


Cartoon: What could help CIOs getting to sleep.


What could help CIOs getting to sleep.

Best Practices

Partnership SAP

Close partners: SAP and T-Systems are connected by a long-term collaboration which has ist focus on more and more innovation subjects.

Transforming ICT to the cloud.

For ten years, T-Systems has leveraged its partner’s experience in business applications to provide its own end-to-end cloud transformation management.


Huawei advanced cloud computing in the Asian region and now enters the European cloud market.

Cloud: simple, secure, affordable.

T-Systems collaborates with its Chinese partner to provide efficient cloud services, in line with German data protection legislation.

Silicon Valley

Business travelers consider the Silicon Valley to be an epicenter for global innovations.

Discovering Silicon Valley.

What attracts German businesses to California, and why they are warmly welcomed by major IT players such as Microsoft, Salesforce, and Intel.



Robot Myon learns like human beings – via sensors he detects his environment and saves data he judges to be useful.

Self-learning robot.

The aim is to make myon speak, make decisions for himself, and experience emotions. He doesn't just learn like humans - he learns from them, too.

Public services

Digital museum: The Städel Museum in Frankfurt is launching an online art collection.

Digital Museum.

The Städel Museum in Frankfurt is launching an online art collection that will build bridges between physical and virtual exhibitions, creating a new and unique art experience.


ZENCAP is the online version of a credit bank, that checks loan applications and is completing the process within 48 hours.


Zencap's founders are providing competion for highstreet banks - by responding quicker. They use algorithms to check loan applications from SMEs, completing the process within 48 hours.
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