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  • T-Systems was rated one of the top providers of network services in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Global Network Service Providers. Gartner Magic Quadrant

April 12, 2013

Customer satisfaction excellence

We bring you closer to your customers

T-Systems was rated one of the top providers of network services in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Global Network Service Providers.
The latest report published by the Gartner analysts, "Magic Quadrant for Global Network Service Providers," placed T-Systems in the "leaders" quadrant. One of T-Systems' strengths mentioned in the report was customer satisfaction. "Gartner clients report a high level of satisfaction with the quality of experience associated with T-Systems' services."

T-Systems: Network connections as the foundation for close customer relationships

"In the age of the customer, fast, secure access to information is especially important, regardless of where the services come from and which device the customer uses to access those services," says Dietmar Geiler, Director Business Relations Sales & International at T-Systems. "We connect data centers and customers reliably with our IP VPNs via optimized global networks and associated services such as security services, application performance management (APM) and managed LAN." With new features such as Advanced Traffic Characteristic and end-to-end network service integration, T-Systems makes it possible for the network to recognize applications, prioritize business-critical applications, optimize these based on customer demands and then transport them via the global network. The network also understands the service requests submitted by different users and end-devices and compiles these so that it can support optimum collaboration at the company and beyond company borders. "With our security services we also provide the security that is so important in all areas where network connections play a major role," Mr. Geiler adds.
"Optimized networks and service integration form the basis for using disruptive technologies like cloud computing, big data, social media and mobility and lay the foundation for close relationships with our customers and customer satisfaction. T-Systems has achieved zero distance to its customers and employees as well as to the relevant information," says Yvonne Kaupp, Senior Analyst Relations Manager at T-Systems.
Click here for more information on the European Magic Quadrant report.

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