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January 22, 2013

Health insurance company KPT stores
company data safely protected

Health insurance company KPT is storing all its important company data safely protected in the T-Systems archive for the next three years too.
These partners have been faithful for a long time: The connection between health insurance company KPT and T-Systems in Switzerland goes back over 30 years. Now the health insurer has extended the existing agreements by a further three years and placed its Enterprise Content Management in proven hands. T-Systems in Switzerland is responsible for KPT’s application management and the operation of the ImageMaster archiving system and the workflow application Metastorm. In addition T-Systems runs the central health insurer platform INTER-K on a fully outsourced basis.

Electronic processing reduces costs

Thanks to the support of T-Systems in Switzerland, KPT is a trailblazer in online insurance management. The integrated archiving and workflow solution has been a central element of developments since 2006, with for example the integration of a personal health record and customer file.
The health insurer’s customers benefit from their details being accessible online at any time. Together with T-Systems “we have achieved cost savings and substantially increased customer and employee satisfaction”, says Patrik Heierli, IT Director at KPT. The processes run twice as fast and currently around 1.5 million fewer documents (around 2 million printed pages) are sent out every year. “By now T-Systems knows our processes in great detail and we value this expertise for our further planned expansion stages as well.” KPT’s customers benefit from the cost savings too as they receive online discounts.

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