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  • Workplace management by T-Systems comes out on top in PAC RADAR 2012. PAC RADAR
PAC RADAR 2012 has ranked T-Systems as one of the top providers of workplace management and transformation services in Germany. A total score of 1.83 puts T-Systems well above the industry average.
The market analysts at Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) evaluated service contracts for end-devices, workplace software, networks, mobility and unified communications and collaboration solutions. They focused exclusively on contracts with customers headquartered in Germany and on contracts limited to services and to the provision of hardware and software.
The PAC market analysts assessed the performance, competence and market strength of the top providers. The analysts used personal statements, customer evaluations and additional PAC estimates to evaluate the criteria. The information was added up to give a score of between 1.0 for "extremely satisfactory" and 5.0 for "extremely unsatisfactory." The general range of scores given by PAC for the different criteria fell between 1.0 (best possible score/"best in class") and 6.0 (insufficient/criteria not met).

First-class expertise 

T-Systems did particularly well with its know-how and qualifications in the workplace management and transformation category, followed by the maturity and quality of its delivery services and its local and global support. PAC RADAR rated the company's innovative strength, global resources, outsourcing experience and focus on large enterprises as above average. The study also praised the end-to-end range of the T-Systems portfolio as well as the company's predefined, modular service packets, first-class references and global sales trend over the past three years. The results were rounded off by T-Systems' strong market position in Germany.
"This first-rate ranking puts T-Systems very close to the center of the typical radar rings used in our PAC RADAR," stated Karsten Leclerque, Principal Consultant at PAC. "That means that T-Systems' offer and expertise in the workplace management and transformation category would be an ideal fit for the requirements of any potential customer."

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