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December 12, 2012

2013 Leader in the Digital Age Award

T-Systems at CeBIT

You can find us at the Deutsche Telekom stand Hall 4, Stand C26.

More about the LIDA-Award

The LIDA Award goes to people who translate the potential of the digital age into sustainable management models by living the principles behind the concept of networking.
"The LIDA Award goes to managers who recognize the opportunities presented by a digital society and use them to establish a closer relationship with their customers and employees," says Thomas Spreitzer, Director Marketing at T-Systems and new member of the expert jury. "Having a close relationship with customers and employees is a decisive competitive factor in times as transparent and fast-paced as these. Market leaders like Apple, Zalando and Tesco take an approach that is radically focused on the customer. Some, like Local Motors and Shapeways, go as far as to basically let the end-customer develop their products."
The LIDA Awards will be presented for the third time in three categories at CeBIT in Hanover in early March 2013. Jörg Bode, Minister of Economics of the state of Lower Saxony, chairs the jury.

Pioneers wanted

For the Manager/Pioneer category, the jury will select an experienced manager who has prepared their company for competition in the digital age. The jury is looking for management models exhibiting a high degree of agility, openness and transparency. "The managers we're looking for combine know-how and skills as well as ideas and processes in their company. In doing so, they inspire employees, use their innovative strength, motivate them and help create the kind of entrepreneurial spirit we typically see in start-ups," explains Mr. Spreitzer.

Successful newcomers

Company founders and people of vision who have built up a company that relies heavily on participative development and working models as well as collaborative technologies qualify for the Newcomer category. With this approach, these newcomers have successfully managed to develop and introduce new ways of handling knowledge, information and data in companies and to develop innovative business models or forms of networking.

Digital art

The third LIDA category is the Entertainment category, which recognizes artists or entrepreneurs from the entertainment and culture industry. They will be judged on how they use and reflect the potential of digitalization in their work. These are personalities who use the Web to work collaboratively – with other artists or with the public.
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