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April 23, 2013

Secure networks by T-Systems: Major contract from Deutsche Rentenversicherung

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T-Systems won all three bids to operate the communications networks of Deutsche Rentenversicherung, the German statutory pension insurance scheme. The contract covers networks for voice, data and mobile communications and has a volume in the upper 8-figure range.
Deutsche Rentenversicherung's networks transmit millions of social data belonging to German citizens. T-Systems will expand the current infrastructure and connect around 700 locations and 6,000 mobile users throughout Germany. Because of Deutsche Rentenversicherung's high security standards, data will be encrypted and transmitted from the pension scheme's own trust center via encrypted data lines. The result is "made in Germany" with double the security. "Deutsche Rentenversicherung's network is one of the most critical infrastructures in Germany, so the solution has to be state-of-the-art," says Telekom Board Member and T-Systems CEO, Reinhard Clemens.

Data security and data privacy have top priority

"We value T-Systems as a technology partner who is aware of the considerable responsibility we carry for the personal data in our networks," says Herbert Schillinger, Managing Director of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung association and Chairman of the IT steering committee at Deutsche Rentenversicherung. Security is especially important because the social security statute (Sozialgesetzbuch) spends an entire chapter addressing regulation of data privacy and data security.

Lower network operating costs

The German statutory pension insurance scheme put out an invitation to bid for voice, data and mobile communications network services. The Telekom subsidiary won all three bids with the best network. Together with network equipment provider, Cisco Systems, T-Systems will provide a secure, end-to-end solution that supports all access technologies, from ISDN phone lines and the high-speed MPLS network to the mobile communications turbo technology, LTE. T-Systems was also able to win its customer over because of the price. With T-Systems, the Deutsche Rentenversicherung will be able to reduce their network operating costs considerably.

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