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1899 Hoffenheim
Top-of-the-league ICT

Bundesliga soccer club 1889 Hoffenheim recently built a state-of-the-art stadium, the Rhein-Neckar Arena, and introduced a leading-edge end-to-end ICT infrastructure.
Making the Bundesliga was always the plan, but it happened sooner than expected. When the team was promoted to Germany’s top soccer league in 2008, 1899 Hoffenheim had very little time to build a stadium that met the high standards of national and international governing bodies. Yet the Rhein-Neckar Arena was complete a mere 20 months later. Located near the town of Sinsheim, the 30,000-capacity stadium is admired throughout Europe for its design and facilities. T-Systems was tasked with ensuring that the stadium itself, the club’s training center, and its offices are supported by state-of-the-art ICT technology. “Without the right IT, managing a stadium to today’s exacting standards is simply impossible,” explain 1899 senior executives Jochen A. Rotthaus and Frank Briel.

End-to-end ICT package for secure data transfer within the stadium and beyond

The Rhein-Neckar Arena construction project was divided into 70 contracts, with seven being awarded to T-Systems. The Deutsche Telekom subsidiary was responsible for telephone and PA systems, audiovisual equipment and for the entire ICT network (linking the stadium and other club facilities), and a comprehensive security solution. All voice and data traffic passes over an IP network, which also grants access to the core SAP system. The result is better internal communications and faster decision-making. What’s more, digitized business processes are generating tangible savings, for example by replacing physical meetings with video conferences. And the stadium clearly impressed FIFA: the international soccer federation chose the Rhein-Neckar Arena to host a number of games at the 2011 Women’s World Cup in Germany.

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