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Video conferencing enables teamwork

T-Systems implemented state-of-the-art video conferencing for Areva, the global leader in nuclear energy. This means better international teamwork, both within and beyond enterprise boundaries.
Collaboration across multiple sites, within or between countries and companies, is all in a day’s work for French-German nuclear energy player Areva NP. Engineers at Areva’s German subsidiary regularly contribute to major international projects, for example in Finland, France and China. Project participants need to get in touch on a daily basis to discuss progress and make key decisions. To this end, Areva has been using dedicated multimedia conferencing areas at its German sites since 2005. Video-conferencing technology enables employees to contact colleagues, business partners and customers around the globe, without the time and expense of travelling.

Reduced travel costs, faster decision-making and better teamwork

Areva’s experience shows: the easier video-conferencing systems are to operate, and the more reliable the technology, the higher the acceptance among users. T-Systems provides the entire telecommunications infrastructure, and manages all audio, video and other components at the company’s sites. By making extensive use of this end-to-end system, Areva has slashed travel costs. What’s more, video conferences speed up decision-making and strengthen collaboration among project team members. Secure IP connections will enable engineers to dial into video conferencing systems while on the move, or at construction sites, for example.

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