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Barmer GEK
New portal with Web 2.0 features

The merger of BARMER and GEK created a health insurance provider with more than 8.5 million customers – and the need for a new, and better portal.
Before BARMER and GEK joined forces, each company had their own website, presenting differing service portfolios. When the two health insurers united, it was necessary to consolidate the two sites into a single portal. A key goal was to allow users to quickly and easily find customer-service features – around 100 tools, such as interactive forms and applications. In terms of technology, design work focused on Web 2.0 functionality. In addition, the BARMER GEK website needed to be clearly laid out and user-friendly. The portal’s “knowledge & dialogue” area is an important communications platform. It was designed in response to the desire expressed by customers to have opportunities to exchange information with other users and experts. The “features & services” section offers rapid and efficient support for routine enquiries and requests.

Health insurance customers helped design the website and services at

T-Systems is responsible for integrating the website with BARMER GEK’s back-end systems, and operates the new portal out of its own secure data centers. Subsidiary T-Systems Multimedia Solutions designed and programmed the site.
Members played a pivotal part in the website’s development, sharing inspiration and ideas within the scope of a Collaboration 2.0 project. The portal is designed to be as interactive as possible – and, above all, to reflect the wishes of the more than 8.5 million people served by the company. Heiner Beckmann, Head of Marketing at BARMER GEK states, “The response from our customers was incredibly positive. More than 5,000 people took part.”

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