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Berlin Police Department
Powerful intranet for Berlin police

POLIKS is a central case and information management system, with powerful search and research functionality.
The Berlin Police Department was looking for a modular, flexible IT platform to perform routine tasks. The aim was to minimize paperwork and maximize efficiency with an integrated, end-to-end IT platform that models all relevant processes and activities. Key requirements were a central case management system and powerful search and research functionality. What’s more, the IT platform needed to dovetail with external information systems operated by agencies in Berlin, Germany and other countries across Europe. The solution is POLIKS. This intranet is extremely versatile, supporting everything from traffic-offense checks to the automatic exchange of data on wanted persons with international organizations such as Europol and Interpol.

Interfaces to all key regional and federal IT systems

The Berlin Police Department uses POLIKS as a central platform for all aspects of its work. POLIKS comprises a case management system for criminal offences, traffic accidents etc., and an information system providing statistics and research functionality. In addition, it interfaces with other regional and federal IT systems. POLIKS is, for example, integrated with Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) applications, the central register of aliens living in Germany and the central federal criminal register. It processes around 300,000 transactions daily, with an availability of over 99 percent. Adapters enable online access to systems used to register the names and addresses of all people living in Germany, and to statistics on road accident causes. What’s more, facts and figures can be sourced from the Department of Transportation and public prosecution services.

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