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1899 Hoffenheim

Top-of-the-league ICT

All employees at this top German soccer team are connected via an IP network. The infrastructure gives them access to the core SAP system.
Arbeiterwohlfahrt Bezirksverband Schwaben e.V.: All-IP readiness for 19 retirement homes

Arbeiterwohlfahrt Bezirksverband Schwaben e.V.

All-IP readiness is the basis of a future-proof communications infrastructure combined with innovative functionalities for the 19 retirement homes.

Video conferencing enables teamwork

Using a video-conferencing system, Areva staff can collaborate internally and externally across multiple sites.
AH Prengemann

Financial transparency with Xenon

Xenon financial accounting system provides Autohaus Prengemann with up-to-date metrics.
BARMER GEK Internet portal

New portal with Web 2.0 features

The BARMER GEK website has a new look and feel thanks to customer input. The result is an interactive portal for improved communication.
Berlin Police Department

Powerful intranet for Berlin police

POLIKS is a central case and information management system, with powerful search and research functionality.
Ajuntament de Palma

City of Palma de Mallorca

Modernization and innovation on public administration thanks to T-Systems capabilities, data center’s security and SAP technology.
Krankenhaus der Elisabethinen

Comprehensive patient care

At the Elisabethinen Hospital in Linz, specialists and kidney patients can access current examination results from anywhere.

Perfectly synchronized tire production

In tire manufacturing, the production conveyor belts must never stand still. The Business Rules Management System ILOG JRules, which T-Systems operates for Continental, is essential for ensuring this.


Secure, fast, transparent and expandable – Net-Centric Mobile Device Management from the cloud for the real estate group.
CWS Boco

One-stop billing solution

T-Systems manages CWS-boco International’s billing process, for both electronic and hardcopy documents, and provides archiving services.

Enhanced customer service at DAK

A unified voice and data network for all DAK service centers enables better and faster customer communications.

A complete package

T-Systems manages DHL’s network of pick-up and drop-off (PUDO) points. These are supported by the provider’s Hanover data center.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

The car rental company is equipping 300 vehicles of its fleet with Moving Hotspot, the Full-Service In-Car WiFi aftermarket solution.
Fraport AG commissions T-Systems to operate data center for Frankfurt Airport

T-Systems operates a virtual data center for the Frankfurt Airport

The Frankfurt Airport wants to grow – and needs continuously expandable IT resources to do so. That's why operator Fraport AG outsourced the data center to T-Systems.
Frankfurt Airport turns to T-Systems for high performance network

T-Systems operates high performance network for Frankfurt Airport

When it comes to communications technology, Frankfurt Airport is more than ready for the scheduled expansion. A high performance network managed by T-Systems guarantees flexibility.
Frankfurt Airport hands over IT service management to T-Systems to guarantee high quality and high system availability

Frankfurt Airport hands over IT service management to T-Systems

Fraport AG decided to hand over IT service management to T-Systems to guarantee high system availability and to enable them to focus entirely on airport operations.

HBPO harmonizes ICT landscape

The automotive components maker has overhauled its IT systems – thanks to dynamically hosted SAP systems and an MPLS corporate network.
NXP Semiconductors

Highly secure operating system for smartcard chips

NXP Semiconductors relies on TCOS, the BSI-certified card operating system from T-Systems, for its secure microprocessors.
HIL GmbH | An example for a high security wide area network.

High-security wide area networ thanks to crypto boxes

An example of a high-security wide area network: HIL GmbH works with cryptologically secured data transmission for all of its materials and logistics applications.
MTU Aero Engines bezieht komplette ICT-Infrastrukturen von T-Systems

ICT infrastructures from one source

Aircraft engine manufacturer MTU Aero Engines outsources complete global operations of business-critical ICT infrastructures to their outsourcing partner T-Systems.
Results: 1 - 21 of 41 1 2 forward of 2