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Anvis Group
Secure ID management with cloud computing

Automotive supplier Anvis uses a central, cloud-based identity management solution to protect its corporate data from unauthorized access. The T-Systems solution simplifies and accelerates ID administration processes considerably, saving time and money. Entries that used to take up to four days can now be completed in 30 minutes. The system eliminates error sources and data remains consistent.
In the automotive industry, employees of manufacturers and suppliers work together closely in international value-added networks. They access shared data and corporate boundaries become blurred. That makes reliable protection for sensitive corporate information a necessity. The same holds true for the Anvis Group, which is headquartered in Germany, as well as for its many branches worldwide. The group produces high-precision damping components for cars designed by many different manufacturers.
In order to be able to control employee access rights to corporate data, the company needs to be able to reliably manage the digital identities. IT employees at Anvis used to have their hands full with new-hires and transfers. Within a short amount of time they had to modify each authorization in every system and application and create, edit or delete user accounts as well. With hectic daily schedules, it was impossible to avoid discrepancies in the active directory or inconsistent access authorization on the Microsoft Exchange servers.
With the T-Systems cloud-based ID management solution, Anvis is now able to digitally manage user rights administration processes on all systems. Access rights including person-specific histories are documented centrally. "Identity Management as a Service by T-Systems is a solution that we knew we could rely on right from the start and it has continued to really impress us in our daily routine," says Michael Wagner, IT Manager at the Anvis Gruppe. "We save a lot of time and local administration staff with standardized, automated processes. Our users can access the IT services they requested faster and in better quality." The solution also simplifies other IT workflows such as desktop software accessibility for specified user groups and email inbox capacity.
Anvis accesses all of these services from a high security data center run by T-Systems in Germany. The data is encrypted and then sent to the corporate network. The IT department is also able to use the ID management solution to handle additional corporate processes at any time as needed. Because the company has access to transparent proof of performance, Anvis can even calculate costs based on which department is using the services. Anvis paid a fixed price for installation of the solution and now only has to pay the operating costs for each registered employee.

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