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Application Services
End-to-end ICT services

To effectively support business processes with ICT, companies need a homogeneous, harmonious applications landscape.
Software applications support the smooth running of mission-critical processes. They are central components for communications and collaboration between user departments – from development, to sales to service. As a result, planning, organization and execution of activities that safeguard reliable application operations are critical tasks for IT departments. Often, companies deploy several hundred different applications – some of them home-grown – that they need to maintain, enhance and modify. These tasks are growing in complexity and make it increasingly difficult to keep track of costs for licenses, implementation, harmonization, testing, roll-out and operation.
The larger an applications landscape grows, the more demanding it becomes. And the expense and effort required for operation, maintenance and support increase. CIOs are faced with the challenge of improving service quality while reining in costs. But that’s not all: by supporting business processes, IT plays a central role in corporate strategy and is key to remaining competitive. Diverse and complex expectations must be met, and IT heads are confronted with some tough issues.
T-Systems configures, operates, implements, optimizes and integrates applications into existing IT infrastructures for customers across all industries. Release changes and upgrades are as much a part of the Application Services portfolio as testing.





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