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Advanced Network Services
Highly adaptable global corporate networks

Today’s telecommunications networks have to handle a lot more than voice calls. They are the main artery through which all data traffic flows, and they link company sites with each other and with partners and customers – nationwide and across the planet.
By 2015, the global data volume will rise to almost a zettabyte, or one billion gigabytes, per year – according to network equipment maker Cisco. This amounts to a fourfold increase in data traffic in just five years. Data links are fast becoming the keystone of corporate infrastructure, especially for major and/or multinational companies. To exchange data with remote sites, collaborate in global teams, or involve project partners in development processes, they need reliable and flexible networks enterprise-wide – both within national boundaries and across continents.
T-Systems operates in compliance with ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) standards, and its Advanced Network Services (ANS) comprise service management and professional services – such as consulting and user training – in conjunction with a telecommunications solution. These services enable business applications to be delivered via a network, in line with fluctuating demand.

The right service for every requirement

Advanced Network Services comprise two components that deliver end-to-end, customer-centric support, and services of outstanding quality:
Professional Services is a package of technology-related services relating to establishing and operating the latest telecommunications solutions, such as consulting, analysis, project management, and training.
Service Management is provided in the operating phase, ensuring that all of the many elements of the data and communications solution work perfectly, both singly and in concert.
Services are configured to each customer’s requirements, and delivered via a Telecom Designed Network (TDN). This has a modular structure comprising a basic package, Standard Service, an additional package for managed networks, Operational Excellence, and optional services that can be ordered separately from the Customized Excellence Service portfolio.

How do Advanced Network Services benefit my business?

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