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Corporate Video
Video conferencing on demand

Video-conferencing and telepresence solutions bring people and businesses together – forging links across countries, sites and, systems. They cut travel costs and accelerate processes
Analysts at IDC believe video conferencing is about to take off in a big way. Demand is being driven by our increasingly interconnected global economy, and by the needs of multinational companies with geographically dispersed staff. Because no matter where they are, employees still need to communicate, collaborate, and exchange ideas. Moreover, CFOs are tightening purse strings and looking for alternatives to costly business trips. However, until recently, video conferencing struggled to catch on due to poor-quality connections, complicated configuration and usage, and a lack of compatibility between the various platforms. Setting up a conference was time-consuming and awkward. But new solutions with improved, more intuitive technology are turning things around. So much so that experts at Forrester believe that video conferences will be part and parcel of our working lives within five to ten years.

Video conferencing solutions to suit every need

The array of video conferencing technologies available ranges from compact desktop packages to high-end solutions such as Telepresence. Corporate Video Exchange Service is a platform developed by T-Systems that can link multiple companies, systems, and providers. A user of a desktop solution can, for example, interoperate with a telepresence system that supports top-quality audio and full-HD video. Even mobile workers can take part. And when delivered as a managed component at T-Systems’ data centers, firewalls and encrypted transmission ensure robust protection for all communications.
* Pricing example: A complete package Managed Telepresence on a Single-screen endpoint.
One-off charge of € 695*. The package does not include any endpoint equipment. All prices subject to value added tax, where applicable. Prices and availability may differ from country to country.

How can my company benefit from Corporate Video?

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