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Customer Interaction Management
Smart customer contact management

Customer Interaction Management: the process-centric service platform for multi-channel customer communications.
Improving customer service and customer-contact management is about making changes on two fronts: people and technology. On the one hand, it involves deploying the right people, in the right place, and in the right way in order to maximize value creation (workforce optimization). On the other, there are new solutions such as the Multi-Channel Contact Center, which offer a host of new functions – for example, the integration of social media. These are designed to enhance the quality of customer interaction.

From call center to the Multi-Channel Contact Center

Today, customer contacts take place via a variety of channels. Email and Internet services, such as Web portals, have joined the ranks of more traditional methods such as phone, letters and fax. State-of-the-art technology makes it possible to coordinate all communications across all touch points via the Multi-Channel Contact Center. At the same time, the new approach improves in-house quality management.
In addition, the Contact Center’s tasks include the implementation of new customer-contact channels, in particular via social networks. All of these requirements necessitate the re-engineering of customer-service processes, and, at the same time, the re-design of the Contact Center’s infrastructure. The answer is T-Systems’ Customer Interaction Management (CIM) offering. This is comprehensive and scalable in nature, comprising hardware, software, and licenses, plus operation and maintenance of the Contact Center. Modules include HR deployment planning, a voice dialog system and workflow-centric document management. Interfaces for existing applications and integration of back-office systems round out the CIM package.

How does Customer Interaction Management benefit my company?

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