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Ralf Konrad
Ralf Konrad
Offering Manager BI & Big Data

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  • Big Data: Features and added value: Volume means the flood of data. Velocity is the speed at which the data is processed. Variety for data formats. Value is the value added for the company.
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Big data

The masses of data available offer opportunities all round – provided the data is properly classified and utilized. Above all else, it must be handled responsibly.

Enterprise Business Intelligence

High Performance Business Intelligence

Emerging Technologies: Hadoop und NoSQL

Whitepaper SAP HANA
Whitepaper SAP HANA
Laying the foundations for real-time business: Accelerated analytics with SAP HANA® from the Cloud.
Big Data Award 2014 für Bestes Big Data Projekt
Experton Group - Executive Summary des „Big Data Vendor Benchmark 2015“ für die T-Systems International GmbH

Big Data Leader Report

Executive Summary of „Big Data Vendor Benchmark 2015“ for T-Systems International GmbH
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Big Data / Business Intelligence
Making better use of data

Big data is writing history – and at a cracking pace. Who would have thought that, in 2011 alone, people and machines would produce as much data in one year as in the entire previous history of humankind? The digitalization of all areas of our private and working lives has led to an explosion in data volumes – and no end to the trend is in sight. That is why companies are showing increasing interest in big data.

What exactly is “big data”?

Big data is defined by three main features: volume, velocity and variety.
When all three “Vs” are present, experts speak of big data. T-Systems, however, brings a fourth “V” into play. Regardless of whether companies are facing challenges in terms of volume, velocity or variety, T-Systems can help them tap the all-decisive “V” – value.
That requires end-to-end system solutions which, depending on the customer's requirements, cover each individual “V” and make a valuable contribution toward the long-term utilization of big data.

Big data creates new opportunities

In order to draw benefit from big data as a key technology and, in doing so, create sustainable value, companies need to confront the management of an almost unimaginable volume of unstructured data. Only if they do, will they be in a position to respond quickly to market changes, utilize the latest information on trends and customer demand to develop entirely new services, and secure their competitiveness in the long run. This calls for innovative big-data strategies and solutions that address the specific challenges each company faces. Of course, business intelligence and data warehousing have been used for years to evaluate bulk data or corporate figures, but these technologies reach their limits when the data involved is ever more ephemeral, unstructured and high-volume. By contrast, application of the latest big-data technologies offers enterprises a thoroughly new and diverse range of options for decision-making and for developing new business ideas.

T-Systems offers more than one solution

Depending on the requirements, T-Systems provides solutions for the BI/big-data environment that generate positive business value and enable companies to master their challenges in the best possible way. That is why, for example, high-performance business intelligence (BI) is the method of choice when it comes to extremely fast data analysis. Emerging technologies are the right solution for large volumes of unstructured data that has to be processed and transformed into useful information.
Find out which solution is the best one for your company: enterprise business intelligence, high-performance business intelligence or emerging technologies.

What big data could look like at your company

It goes without saying that identifying the right application fields is a prerequisite for using big data solutions. Depending on the industry-specific and process requirements, big data solutions add value to quite differing degrees. What is decisive is finding the right, intelligent interplay between aggregation, analysis and representation of the data in order to tap the value the customer requires.
T-Systems has developed seven big data use cases showcasing exemplary solutions. Click here to view our Big Data Use Case Library.
* Depends on agreed scope of analysis and consulting. All prices subject to value added tax, where applicable. Prices and availability may differ from country to country.
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