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  • T-Systems is "Best in Class" SAP hosting provider according to PAC PAC RADAR 2013: SAP Hosting

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Hosting Services
Dynamic or traditional server and storage operation

Reliability, performance, availability, security and flexibility are decisive criteria when it comes to determining the quality of hosting services. These are also criteria that ICT service providers use to measure their own services.
Static server and license structures are finding it increasingly difficult to live up to companies' dynamic requirements. Businesses use hosting services to update their IT environment and to consolidate servers and storage systems that are spread out across multiple locations. The result is an IT landscape that is globally standardized and flexible. The infrastructure also meets the latest data security and data protection requirements.

Virtual servers and storage in the cloud

Industrialized cloud platforms are particularly suited to meeting companies' needs because of their high level of standardization. T-Systems provides hosting solutions based on dedicated or virtual server and storage structures and guarantees smooth operation, regular security updates, technical support and optional backup services. Numerous companies worldwide currently use dynamic platforms from T-Systems' cloud data centers based on virtual server, storage and network services. Cloud solutions can be flexibly adapted to changing business scenarios and peak loads at any time.
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