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Experton Group - Social Business Vendor Benchmark 2015
Experton Social Business Vendor Benchmark 2015
Download the comparison of Software Vendors and Service Providers for Social Business in Germany.
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Web, Social & Mobility Enabling Services
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Nowadays eBusiness and social media are standard forms of communication. Businesses use portals and Facebook, Twitter or blogs to communicate with customers, suppliers and business partners.
According to a BITKOM study almost half of all companies in Germany used social media in 2012 and another 15 percent have concrete plans to use Facebook, Xing, blogs, etc. Most of these companies employ these strategies to support their marketing and publicity activities. Only around every fifth company uses social media solutions for internal communication. That means that, even if Web 2.0 technologies have basically become standard when it comes to external communication, many companies are still unsure of how they can best use the new channels.

Enterprise 2.0 - everything from the cloud

T-Systems helps companies address Web 2.0 communities directly, from market and competitor analyses to web-based strategies, process consulting and conducting targeted online campaigns. The ICT service provider develops new, Web 2.0-based business models, provides the right software and handles hosting – testing and support services included. Companies can access all platforms and applications for online portals and intranet solutions based on Wiki and Web 2.0 technologies and can do so from the cloud.

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