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Internet Access & Bundles
Internet and access platforms for professional users

From small business to major international corporation: all enterprises depend on professional-quality Internet services and VPN access platforms. The ideal provider has an offering to meet every need.
In terms of Internet services and access platforms, enterprises have diverse needs. Internet Access & Bundles offers solutions based on dedicated Internet access lines and complete packages for small businesses or single remote sites. Other solutions include carrier-grade Internet services such as ISP Gate or ISP Transit for Internet service providers or for special purposes, and turnkey access platforms with global coverage for major corporations or access providers.

Modular Internet technologies and services for diverse needs

Whether an enterprise needs access to the World Wide Web, runs Internet applications or wishes to establish a secure, IP-based corporate network (Virtual Private Network or VPN), the key requirements of professional users are high-quality Internet services and guaranteed availability. Furthermore, the solution must be backed up by data lines designed for heavy traffic and monitored 24x7, and by cross-connects to other carriers (peering). And since the entire portfolio is modular – in terms of bandwidths, service-level and redundancy models, and so forth – users enjoy outstanding value for money.
The different Internet access options provide bandwidths up to 10 Gbit/s. Users can choose between dedicated Internet access lines to the nearest point of presence, DSL access services, and other types of Internet access, such as CompanyConnect or T-DSL Business, either symmetrical or asymmetric . Where required, information transferred via the access connections can be prioritized via priority rules, and organizations can use permanent IP addresses. All solutions make use of Deutsche Telekom’s IP backbone and are highly scalable.

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