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Archiving & Content Management Services
Digital documents support workflows

Many companies still archive their documents in file cabinet folders. This approach means spending a lot of time looking for files without even meeting the requirements on tamper-proof archiving. It also prevents end-to-end workflows.
Document and archiving management is currently characterized by three basic trends: cloud computing, the demand for workflow elements and stricter legal compliance requirements. In Germany alone there are some 180 laws and provisions regarding archiving, data privacy and accounting practices.

End-to-end digital business processes

The demand for end-to-end digital business processes is particularly on the rise. These processes are the only way to reduce administrative effort by making everything, from documents to entire project files, available at every desk. The latest document and archiving solutions automatically send digital documents to those employees who need them and initiate processing flows, e.g., by requesting approvals. 

Document management from the cloud

T-Systems offers document and archiving solutions that meet all business and legal requirements. These services also include document management from the cloud, which guarantees that all documents are archived in standardized form throughout your company. The solution also graphically depicts the entire life cycle of each file. T-Systems already archives and manages several billion documents at its own certified, high security data centers with Managed Services.

How can my company benefit from Archiving & Content Management Services from T-Systems?

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