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A strong cloud is dynamic

Ingo Wessels, Senior Offering Manager, T-Systems, explains, how companies can modernize their infrastructure.
The future of work
Ingo Wessels, Senior Offering Manager, T-Systems, explains, how companies can modernize their infrastructure.

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Mobile working in the cloud
with Dynamic Workplace

To ensure that employees can also work while on the move or at different company locations using their laptop, smartphone and tablet, they must be able to access their data quickly. Such access places extremely high demands on security and user friendliness. On the other hand, mobile working in the secure cloud saves companies money.
Almost every third employee in Germany accesses his employer's IT while on the move – and he does so not only via the laptop but increasingly also using other mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. However, mobile working makes communication with colleagues and customers more difficult. And companies must ask themselves how they can guarantee the security of their data in cases of external access as well.
Secure and adjustable: Mobile working in the cloud
With Dynamic Workplace, the cloud provider T-Systems offers companies a secure and adjustable solution that makes digital workplaces available anywhere, at any time and on any device – and it also saves costs. To make this possible, the workplaces are no longer on PCs that are installed in the offices but are kept centrally in a T-Systems data center – mobile working in the cloud. Employees access their usual desktop via browser. The user interface is always the same – irrespective of whether it is on the PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.
Companies can quickly and easily add new workplaces if required. Based on standard modules, the workplaces can be individually adapted to the employees' requirements and authorizations. Employees can order additional services by themselves via a self-service portal, thus saving on administrative costs. Since the entire computing work takes place in the cloud, companies also save on hardware – instead of high-performance IT it is sufficient to have simpler (and lower-cost) devices.
High data security
The risk of data loss is also minimized with the Dynamic Workplace. If an employee loses his notebook, for example, the information continues to be available in the data center. In addition, nobody else is able to access the workplace via the lost device, because it is secured by means of a personal identification number (PIN) and a one-time password (two-factor authentication). Furthermore, the information remains exclusively in German data centers and is therefore governed by the strict German data protection provisions. T-Systems offers the setup of an equivalent infrastructure at the customer's own data center for companies that still do not want to outsource their IT workplaces.
The Dynamic Workplace consists of modules, the main one being "Basic Services" at a fixed price per seat and month. Optional services such as "Follow me Printing," "Follow me Data," "Groupshare" and "Thin Client Management" can be added on. Other modular packages include "Offline Working", "Mobile Working" and "Collaborative Working."
Close to the customer
How accurately the Dynamic Workplace meets customer requirements is also illustrated by the "Magic Quadrant for End-User Outsourcing Services, Europe" of August 2013 by the analyst firm Gartner: T-Systems is positioned as one of the leading providers in the leader quadrant.

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