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Rainer Oude Hengel
Rainer Oude Hengel
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Mobile Enterprise Services
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Today’s knowledge workers need to remain productive at all times and in all places – which calls for instant access to data and functions, and seamless collaboration with colleagues and partners. Mobile applications enable employees to make informed decisions and participate fully in business processes - any device, any time, any place.
In recent years, the popularity of smartphones, notebooks, and other handhelds has soared. While these devices continue to fly off the shelves, sales of traditional desktop PCs have stagnated. Market experts are already heralding a post-PC era. This is one of the few areas where consumers and employees are driving the usage of new technologies in the business world.
This technology can make business processes far more flexible – in procurement, sales, HR and other scenarios. Plus, it boosts staff productivity. For example, sales reps on the road can gain access to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems via a Web-based solution or an app – without breaking stride. And service engineers can post their hours and other data directly into an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) app while on the move. This removes obstacles between road warriors, their employers and vital work-related information.

Managing a heterogeneous device landscape easily and securely

T-Systems offers different MDM technologies and variations of services for the simple administration of a wide range of devices and operating systems (MDM – Mobile Device Management). It enables companies to, for example, implement security updates, manage access rights to functions and apps, and in the case of loss or theft, remotely wipe device data. They have the option of controlling their mobile device landscape in-house or complete or part outsourcing to T-Systems.

New apps for businesses

The ICT specialist can also develop and provision mobile apps, enabling access to SAP or other business capabilities. To ensure these enterprise solutions can run on several platforms simultaneously – such as Windows Phone 7, iOS, and Android – T-Systems operates a dedicated middleware platform.
SiMKo (secure mobile communication) from T-Systems is currently the only technology to support data synchronization in line with the security standard for classified information for the German government. The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has given SiMKo its seal of approval, making it ideal for sensitive communications in both the public and private sectors.

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