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Sibylle Becker
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  • T-Systems is "Best in Class" SAP hosting provider according to PAC PAC RADAR 2013: SAP Hosting

Application Operations for SAP® Solutions
SAP systems from the private cloud

SAP applications often comprise the core IT features at a company. Companies that decide to outsource their SAP landscape and basic operation to a private cloud can manage their resources flexibly, dynamically and cost-efficiently.
More than five million users at around 500 companies from different industries and of various sizes use SAP services by T-Systems. In addition to traditional operation of dedicated hardware, the ICT service provider offers a virtualized, globally available solution that already 80% of new customers are using in their SAP environment: Dynamic Services. This virtualized, globally available solution gives you access to almost all basic SAP services in standardized and industrialized form from a private cloud, reducing SAP operating costs by up to 30 percent.

SAP resources on demand

With Dynamic Services for SAP® Solutions, customers have a better grasp on the complexity of their SAP system landscape, can employ applications with greater security and efficiency and can optimally adjust them to meet current demand. Based on the principle, "Use what you need, pay for what you use," customers only pay for the resources they actually order. System performance, number of users, range of functionality and service can be adjusted at any time to fit your business needs. That means you can easily manage peak loads, usually without any delay.
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