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Cloud Security Compact

Protecting ICT infrastructures
Data security in the cloud

Scalable security measures for the private cloud with customer-specific parameters.
With cloud computing, companies outsource their business data to a provider. However, the responsibility for information security and compliance cannot be delegated. While it is often difficult for a company to assess the security of a public cloud solution in advance, it will benefit from all security measures offered by traditional outsourcing when it opts for a private cloud solution. This includes defined availability, secure transmission paths and, on request, data centers that are exclusively located within the EU where excellent data protection is ensured by the relevant European regulations.
If a data center is part of a cloud, multiple companies obtain IT resources from the same computers. Therefore, it must be guaranteed that no company will be able to access any information that is not its own. The data and applications of the individual customers are ring-fenced using virtualization techniques. For this purpose, each customer can be given separate, isolated access to the data center for his company.
Where more and more services come from the cloud, high-performance, secure networks (IP VPN) are a basic requirement.

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