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Experton Group - Social Business Vendor Benchmark 2015
Experton Social Business Vendor Benchmark 2015
Download the comparison of Software Vendors and Service Providers for Social Business in Germany.

A strong cloud is dynamic

Unified Communication & Collaboration
Collaboration without borders

As a concept, Unified Communication & Collaboration (UCC) combines various communication channels, web conferencing and social media into a single application, giving you a clear overview. The solution significantly simplifies collaboration and communication across geographic boundaries in real-time, in teams, among partners and with customers.

Optimal availability: Dynamic Services for Unified Communications

UC always selects the most effective communication channel whether it be voice, video conferencing, email, fax, chat or social collaboration platforms – conveniently via a single interface. Presence information makes it easier to communicate with employees. That shortens response times for customers and colleagues and accelerates processes. Standardized workstations with modular configuration simplify rollout and administration. T-Systems offers Dynamic Services for Unified Communications (Dynamic UC) with technology from leading providers (Cisco, Unify). The solution is operated via the Private Cloud, which is customized to the needs of your business when it comes to security and performance. With additional integration services, a UC solution can also be integrated into complex, existing IC infrastructures and application landscapes.

Bringing teams together securely: Dynamic Services for Collaboration

T-Systems has also developed a collaboration solution from the cloud for smooth collaboration with international employees, partners and customers. The solution is highly standardized and comes with affordable services and virtual platforms featuring maximum security. Dynamic Services for Collaboration comes with a Microsoft Services Exchange, Lync and Sharepoint (2013) package from T-Systems' highly secure Private Cloud and is available in two versions to suit different project sizes (DSC Standard for 1,000 to 10,000 users, and DSC Professional starting at 5,000 users). Companies can access these services via their corporate network as well as online or using a mobile device from any location. Existing databases and applications can also be integrated into the collaboration landscape.

Staying in touch with customers: Customer Interaction Management

Nowadays businesses use a variety of media to stay in touch with customers. In addition to traditional channels such as phone and letters/fax, companies are increasingly turning to email and Internet services such as online portals. Modern technology makes it possible to concentrate contact routing activities across all channels at multichannel contact centers. That simplifies internal quality management for your company, including integration with customers via social media channels. T-Systems offers customized customer interaction solutions based on leading technologies by Genesys for companies with large departments. What's more, companies with less demand can get their contact center services from the cloud.
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