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Deutsche Telekom presented the Stromboxx solution at the E-world trade fair. Users can decrease their power and heating costs with this app.
The solution by Dresden-based T-Systems subsidiary MMS (Multimedia Solutions) enables active control of wireless heating thermostats. Consumers can view the savings possibilities over the Internet and create time and temperature profiles for individual rooms. This enables them to only heat the room when it is really necessary. It is also possible to do this on the move by using a smartphone such as an iPhone, an Android or Windows Phone 7.

Saving energy made easy

The Stromboxx can give a precise indication of the savings potential of a company or home. The user controls the wireless heating thermostat either manually or via interval timers. If a sensor indicates that a window is open, the heating is automatically switched off. What’s more, the system recommends ways to save energy. For example, it reminds the user of his energy savings targets or of the importance of ventilation to avoid any build-up of mildew.
The experts are already working on new functions: The Stromboxx will soon enable savings to be made during energy consumption. It will recognize devices which require a particularly high amount of energy. These can be switched on or off by timer settings, via remote controls or on the basis of a rate plan.

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