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Performance check for applications or network load

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Virtual Private Networks
Fail-proof, flexible VPN services

Businesses need to be able to access data and applications in high quality at any time and at any location. Requirements on network infrastructure availability and security have grown considerably as a result.
This is compounded by the fact that data networks need to guarantee high availability in the wake of centralized data storage, cloud computing and the mobilization of employees and business processes. The need for extensive security concepts to protect networks and data from cyber attacks is becoming more pressing as well. It is easy for third parties to read data communication when users share data via public networks on their smartphone, notebook or PC.

Tunnel connections, encrypt data packets

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) meet high security standards. They use a non-external-access, protected tunnel to transfer data. VPN solutions also encrypt each data packet. T-Systems offers managed IP-VPN solutions based on the company’s own, secure MPLS network (multiprotocol label switching). This international network is perfect for real-time communication and cloud services because it provides users with high service quality. Companies can use the service to send business-critical information as first-priority files. An Ethernet VPN connects your company’s local area networks (LANs) with other sites or data centers.
* Pricing example: Performance check for applications or network load, up to 10 applications, up to 10 customer sites
All prices subject to value added tax, where applicable. Change and errors excepted. Prices and availability may differ from country to country.
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