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Christiane Prutscher
Christiane Prutscher
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Transparent, dynamic and secure computing and data storage:

with vCloud, companies can quickly expand their own infrastructure and adapt their systems.

Connecting virtualized IT resources with the cloud

Those who have already virtualized their server with VMware software want to protect their investment with a switch to the cloud. T-Systems is one of the first German service providers to be certified by VMware as a vCloud Data Center Services Provider and links the existing IT infrastructure of companies with the T-Systems cloud capacities using Dynamic Services for Infrastructure with VMware vCloud Data Center Services.
According to a study by the Aberdeen Group from April 2012, companies are already operating every second application on a virtual server. However, a lot of companies are not switching to the cloud even though they are missing out on additional potential. They fear losing the investments they have made in their own IT infrastructure if they switch to cloud computing.

Bridge between virtualized IT infrastructures

Use VMware vCloud Datacenter Services and source IT capacities of the secure T-Systems data centers.With Dynamic Services for Infrastructure with VMware vCloud Data Center Services, T-Systems is the first VMware-certified partner in Germany to offer a solution with which companies can continue to use their existing virtualized infrastructure and migrate to the secure cloud environment of the T-Systems data centers without making new investments. To this end, applications virtualized with VMware solutions are expanded or migrated at the data center whenever needed at the click of a button.
* Pricing example: Small vServer (1 vCPU 32 / 64 bit
1 PU (= 10,000 tpmC), 512 MB RAM and 36 GB storage)
Does not include cost of integration into the cloud environment. Prices and availability may differ from country to country.

How will Dynamic Services for Infrastructure with VMware vCloud Data Center Services benefit my company?

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