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T-Systems at Gartner Symposium: Beach bar, clouds and drones


The annual Gartner Symposium in Barcelona is the world’s most important gathering of CIOs and senior IT executives. It provides a strategic view on trends that shape IT and business. T-Systems is a platin sponsor at this year’s Symposium – advising companies on their digital future.
From CEOs and CIOs to IT- and departmental decision-makers, everyone is facing the challenge of re-analyzing their business and moving in new directions. This includes looking at strategies, business models and process chains. Digitalization is a key driver for an increasing number of industries, organizations and cultures to utilize cloud computing and reap its benefits. However, such a move is definitely creating challenges for CIOs and senior IT executives, raising questions about security, quality, and data privacy.

Secure, affordable and European solutions

Companies that want a successful transformation also need to prepare themselves effectively for this transformation. They need to integrate innovative cloud services into their current IT architecture. It is also essential that they address topics such as quality, data privacy and data protection. Otherwise they run the risk of creating silos that can endanger the success of their transformation process.
T-Systems’ top expert Jörn Kellermann, SVP Global IT Operations, presented the key components of digitization during his talk “Digitized business – what’s truly important”. In a press breakfast on Tuesday at the T-Systems Beach Bar he explained T-Systems’ idea of digital transformation: Digital Transformation is a reality we see in many areas already. T-Systems’ part is of the company’s services such as:
  • Platform, infrastructure and technology – public cloud, also private cloud and others offerings.
  • Building applications and software to help customers get into the digital age
  • Manage solutions end-2-end
“With the introduction of the Open Telekom Cloud, a public cloud solution based in Europe, we will target European customers from small to large enterprises. We will do this with a simple easy to use solution based on the open-source software platform OpenStack, following German data privacy protection. We want a secure, easy to use and affordable European Solution and we will compete against Amazon and Google – also in terms of pricing,” Kellermann explains. Kellerman sees a huge need for European solutions. Therefore Open Telekom Cloud will be launched at CeBIT in March 2016 targeting large, midsize but also small enterprises such as start-ups who are looking for alternative European cloud solutions with prices below Amazon Cloud.

Are CIOs losing control?

Departments often buy solutions without asking their IT department first. CIOs fear that they will lose control: They say “service providers are our enemies because they make us weaker”. There has been this hype topic about CIOs being outpowered. But as discussed by Gartner, CIOs are gaining more influence and only lose a little control. The main challenge they have is:
  • CIOs have to provide a secure and stable cost efficient service and drive innovation and digital transformation.
  • Other departments often bypass the IT department
T-Systems helps CIOs to secure the existing service, get it more efficient and drive innovation through new products – this will allow the CIOs to hand over services to other departments in a controlled way. They have the buying power, will set the budget and standards and then the marketing department can live within this strategy.

T-Systems Beach Bar: Networking for CIOs and IT-Executives

In the first two days over 350 CIOs and IT-Executives attended the T-Systems Beach Bar. Besides “Transformation Salads” and “Cloud Burgers” the bar was a networking hotspot that offered an amazing view on the beach and digital talks in a relaxed atmosphere.

Gartner Symposium: Drone as messenger of the digital age

A digital wave is sweeping through every industry. Self driving cars, robots and all time connectivity are only the beginning. In this year’s event, Gartner advised CIOs to break free of the legacy IT that has so far constrained their IT strategy. In order to drive business outcomes, CIOs have to adapt and rethink their strategies. In front of over 5000 CIOs and IT leaders, Peter Sondergaard, senior vice president at Gartner, explained that interconnections, relationships, and algorithms are defining the future of business.
In five years, one million new devices will come online every hour. These interconnections are creating billions of new relationships. These relationships are not driven solely by data, but algorithms. “Data is inherently dumb. It doesn’t actually do anything unless you know how to use it; how to act with it,” Sondergaard explains. “Algorithms are where the real value lies. They define action. Dynamic algorithms are the core of new customer interactions.”
To show the beginning of the hybrid cloud journey T-Systems had a flying drone at the Beach Bar. The future is coming faster than you think – be prepared!